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About us

We are here to support parents in raising joyful, healthy kids.

During the early years, children rely on caregivers for basic needs that lay the foundation for overall wellbeing. As they grow, children require guidance to develop social and emotional skills for healthy relationships, manage emotions, and build a positive self-image.

Throughout their academic journey, children need educational support to develop critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills, essential for success.

Caregivers and educators play a crucial role in providing this assistance and support for children’s holistic development.

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“We believe that every student has the potential to make a positive impact on the world, and we are dedicated to helping them achieve that goal.”

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Mritunjay Kumar Mittal


day care head of school

“At Oxford International School, we are proud to foster a culture of inclusivity, respect, and collaboration that prepares our students for success in a diverse and interconnected world.”

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Asutosh Raj

Founder & Director

Day care Options

Curriculum Overview

The Oxford International School strives to provide a comprehensive and balanced curriculum for all of its students, as well as engaging and exciting extracurricular activities, in order to best prepare them for a successful social and cultural life.



Using logic and an understanding of numbers to solve challenges in the real world.

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Computer Science

practical knowledge of the newest technologies and programming languages.

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The study that encourages scientific reasoning, discoveries and inventions.

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Fine Arts

Giving those who want to pursue art as a career or a hobby wings.

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Gaining knowledge of more communication channels from various global regions.

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Including the study of philosophy, history, and various ancient and contemporary languages.

Day care

Schedule and tuition


Half Days

Half days at Oxford International School provide an opportunity for students to engage in extracurricular activities, service projects, and academic enrichment programs.


Full Days

Full days at Oxford International School are packed with academic rigor, extracurricular activities, and opportunities for students to build strong relationships with peers and teachers.

We welcome kids into our 2-4’s program based on their birth year.

Why us

The best early learning experience

We are an early learning academy with an emphasis on early literacy and numeracy as well as social and emotional development. With knowledge and practical skills that put them far ahead in any industry they choose to work in, our students graduate from our programmes with the moral fibre and self-assurance necessary to make their imprint on the world.


Compassionate and considerate behavior towards oneself and others.


Encouraging innovation, imagination, and original thinking in all academic disciplines.


Developing emotional intelligence and self-awareness for personal growth and well-being.


Fostering a culture of experimentation and creative problem-solving for continuous improvement.

Daily activities

Designed to help children realize their potential

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Morning Huddles

Morning huddles at Oxford International School provide an opportunity for faculty and staff to come together, share updates, discuss ideas, and build a sense of community.

The Basics

At Oxford International School, we believe in the importance of mastering the basics of reading, writing, and math as a foundation for lifelong learning and success in all academic pursuits.

Play Stations

Play Stations at Oxford International School are designed to encourage imaginative play, develop fine motor skills, and promote social interaction among students in a safe and stimulating environment.

Learning Lab

The Learning Lab at Oxford International School is a dynamic space that provides students with resources, tools, and technology to support their learning and exploration.


Superfoods are an integral part of the Oxford International School's nutrition program, providing students with nutrient-rich options that support healthy growth and development, brain function, and immune system health.

Outdoor Play

Outdoor play is an essential part of the Oxford International School experience, providing students with opportunities to engage in physical activity, explore nature, and develop important social skills in a fun and stimulating environment.

Meet the teachers

Experts in providing the finest start for your kids

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Ella Stark

Lead teacher and 1-2 year olds

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Harriet Bailey

Teacher: 2-3 year olds

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Melinda Schiller

Teacher: 3-4 year olds

What parent say
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"My child has thrived academically and socially at Oxford International School."
Ramona Altenwerth

More than just a joyful place

Oxford International School is more than just a joyful place - it's a community of lifelong learners.